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Gmail Tests Calendar and Doc Gadgets

If Loren’s “not so good” experience with Gmail didn’t scare you away from using Gmail and continues to do so until now, you’ll be glad to know the Gmail Labs has just added to new features into its experiment. Gmail Labs was able to make the Calendar and Docs gadgets easily accesible since you can now have it reside on your Gmail account’s left nav bar.

gadgets_in_labs.pngThe two new features in Gmail Labs are not really that earthshaking but still, a useful addition to the growing functionality of Gmail. Google Calendar for instance lets you see you Google Calendar agenda, receive alert when you have a scheduled meeting, as well as a gadget that lets view a list of your recently accessed Google docs. In addition, you can also search across all your Google Docs files. And didn’t we say you could do those two things right on your Gmail left nav bar?

These two new features follows recent changes with Gmail. And by the look of how these Gmail Labs project are progressing, it looks like is out to make the Gmail a better email client, or a least to be at par with Yahoo! Mail.

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Gmail Tests Calendar and Doc Gadgets

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