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GMail Notifier Enhanced

GMail Notifier Enhanced

Google enhanced their GMail Notifier client some days back. Unfortunately, the client did not auto-upgrade as I had originally expected it to. So, I installed the new version manually. It is a minor update with few feature enhancements, thus a minor update in the version number with no media frenzy.

The icons are changed from Google circles to GMail logo with color change reporting about a new mail message. The installer gives an added option to the user to make GMail the default mail application on the system. Thus any mailto: link is now associated with GMail and user can now actually use GMail as a Mail application rather than just webmail. Interestingly Yahoo! Mail also provides a similar application to use Yahoo! Mail as system’s default mail client.

Perhaps the best thing in this update is the new options popup. It let the user to pick the browser to be used for GMail. This helps when you want to use GMail in a browser other than the system’s default. Opera users (like me!) would like this as GMail still has some issues in Opera browser. Now double clicking on the system tray icon and all the notifications use the specified browser instead of the system’s default browser. The settings for using GMail as system’s default mail application can also be accessed from here.

Download: Gmail Notifier

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GMail Notifier Enhanced

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