Glimpse: The Next Wave of Ephemeral Photo Apps Are Focusing on Privacy [SXSWi Interview]

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Glimpse: The Next Wave of Ephemeral Photo Apps Are Focusing on Privacy [SXSWi Interview]

If we’ve learned anything from Snapchat, it’s this—people love sharing photos, and will stop at nothing (including personal privacy) to do so. With the hype of ephemeral messaging continuing to climb, it seems like it’s the next big trend in the app world, but what does that mean for users? How can you protect yourself and still take part in the fun of disappearing photo messages with your friends? We were curious about the privacy and protection of ephemeral messaging users and that’s exactly what we caught up with Amy Vernon to talk about at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

In our interview, Amy talks about the next wave of ephemeral messaging apps, explaining that although they’re fun, they also have the ability to be harmful to people when used incorrectly, and that’s why the latest apps have placed such an emphasis on user privacy.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are the key takeaways from the video:

  • Glimpse takes the idea of Snapchat and elevates it to so that both the sender and receiver can ensure that their personal privacy is not at stake. According to Amy, the file is actually deleted off of Glimpse’s servers forever once its 8-second life expires. Beyond deleting the files forever, Glimpse also allows senders to decide whether or not their recipients can screenshot the photo, giving them the opportunity to keep certain photos more private or personal if desired.
  • Amy says that the main reason that Glimpse separates itself from a massive competitor such as Snapchat is that it takes privacy seriously and understands that the collective consumer conscience is starting to pay attention to online privacy more and more. People don’t want unflattering content floating around about them online, and with products like Glimpse taking privacy into account, it’s a good first step in protecting users and providing sought-after peace of mind.
  • While Glimpse makes note that they aren’t targeting brands to use their product, it does offer a good avenue for sending engaging content to users and followers to inspire interaction on other channels such as social media.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

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  • Scott @ Kawntent

    Pictures are now instantly shared through various photo-sharing sites. It seemed fun at first, since life now is more fast-paced than how it was before. Yet, because there had been recorded crimes in relation to pictures that should have been kept private, Glimpse’s idea of having it deleted in servers after a certain period of time, I believe, is enough to ensure the security not juts of the photos but the owners as well. I think that if this will fully be adapted by other photo-sharing apps, it will be more fun to post our pictures without the fear of having them stolen or used without notice and permission.

    • Amy Vernon (@AmyVernon)

      Scott – that’s exactly the point. Glad you like it! Hope you download the app and give us a try. You can find me there as username “amy”