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Gigablast Search Engine Indexes 1 Billion Pages

Gigablast Search Engine Indexes 1 Billion Pages

Gigablast Search Engine Indexes 1 Billion Pages

Gigablast announced today its recent database expansion from 650 million webpages to over 1 billion. The new index also includes a comprehensive refresh of webpages from the previous index. Gigablast also recently unveiled some innovative, new search solutions which are currently free to the general public and leverage the increased index size. Among these are Dedicated Site Search (DSS) and Custom Topic Search (CTS).

DSS gives webmasters the ability to provide their website’s viewers with search capability for the specific website being viewed. Additionally, webmasters can provide root URLs to seed the spidering process of their websites. Gigablast will spider their websites in real-time at the rate of one page every five seconds. With multiple dedicated clusters, Gigablast can handle large amounts of DSS queries and webpages. Until all of a website’s pages have been uploaded to the dedicated servers, viewers may be directed to Gigablast’s main index which likely has most, if not all, of the website’s pages already indexed.

CTS was announced on December 20, 2004 and allows webmasters to tailor their website’s search feature to a custom topic. The topic may be defined by a list of hundreds of arbitrary websites. These websites are entered into the search tool by the webmaster and are often related to an area of interest. Gigablast then restricts its search to these websites.

Gigablast suggests that webmasters build their list of relevant websites by harvesting URLs from an online directory service such as: or Instructions and the html code needed for implementation of DSS and CTS may be found via links on Gigablast’s homepage.

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