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Getting ugly over at GoGuides

Getting ugly over at GoGuides

When the internet was swelling with paper millionaires Disney tried to cash in. With poorly guided inefficient systems Disney began to hemorrhage cash. Instead of relying on any other product they wanted to do everything themselves. Their solution to the Open Directory Project was the directory created by the Go Guides. Once Disney realized they had no hope with the Go network, the directory was soon to die.

Some of the editors of the directory banned together to make an independent directory called GoGuides. GoGuides was one of the top half dozen directories on the web last week. The word was is used because history has perhaps repeated itself.

The communication to the Guides has been limited at best. I, being a GoGuide, have only found out about this via posts in webmaster forum groups.

evidently there were 5 GoGuides in charge and the rule was set up so majority rules. 3 of the guides were disinterested with the current path of GoGuides. They split with the script and database and moved it at GoGuides is claiming a theft of data on their home page. Skaffe is not even openly mentioning its association with GoGuides in any way on its site.

So it comes down to this, skaffe has the database and script, GoGuides has the link popularity and reputation. There were not many GoGuides (probably less than a hundred active guides). If a few guides go to one directory, and a few the other…there might not be enough.

Its kind of sad because GoGuides had a huge backlog of submissions which were just worked through.
If these two groups can not settle their differences it is doubtful either will be around long.

for the official statement from one of the Skaffe senior members view comments of Stoner3221 here.

by Aaron Wall @ Search Engine Marketing Info

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