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Getting Personal with Your Copy

It’s a well known fact that people buy based on emotion.  But more often than not, the kind of copy you read on web pages today talks more about how the company “has helped thousands of satisfied customers” or how the product “saves you hours of time and pays for itself in just one use”.

Statements like these are bland, overused and about as emotional as the bottom of a shoe.  Dig a little deeper, be more specific and get personal with your copy.  For example:

  • Cite specific times where your company came through in a pinch for a customer and saved them money.  Include background information, names and the specific dollar amount or hours saved in the story.
    Sure, it might not sound as dazzling helping out a local mom and pop store than a Fortune 500 corporation – but these are the stories that resonate with people, and make them think “hey, if this company helped them, maybe it can help me too”.
  • Put a face on your About Us page So many “About Us” pages are overloaded with tech-speak in an attempt to impress and make the business seem larger than it is.  But have you ever stopped to think about how this “big-time” approach might be costing you business?  Consider adding a recent photo to your page and talk a little about yourself, more than your company as a whole.  Don’t just mention your years of experience – tell us about how many kids you have or what area of the world you live in.  It’s these few personal tidbits that bring out your personality and “human-ness” and assure us all that you’re really not a corporate-blathering robot.
  • Let them see it in their “mind’s eye” – If you’re promoting a tropical cruise, don’t just talk about the deep blue ocean or postcard-perfect white sand beaches.  It’s been done to death already. 
    Instead, allow the reader to picture themselves there, and describe it in such a way that it surrounds their senses.  “Every breath you take refreshes your body with the warm, captivating scent of Plumeria flowers mingling with the salty ocean air.  Your toes bask and play in the warm, inviting sands while your taste buds explore the fruity sweet flavor of a Mimosa cocktail…”

When you create backdrops like these with your content, you reach past the reader’s “B.S. Guard” and into their emotions.  You make it easy for them to make an impulse decision to go through with the purchase.  You’ve essentially “pushed all the right buttons” to get them motivated.

You’re not done yet, though.

This is a pivotal point in the process where many writers feel forced to jump back into dry, Corporatish language.  Don’t do it.

You’ve already sold them on the sizzle, now it’s time to appeal to their rational side and go into the reasons why ordering the “steak” is such a good deal.  Follow up by bringing in a sense of urgency or discounts to sweeten the pot and you’ll have fully engrossed the reader and sold them on doing business with you.

When you compel others in a way that touches them personally, you engage them on an entirely new level.  Try it in your copy and watch as buyers, readers and fans come out of the woodwork to connect with you.

Sherice Jacob helps site owners improve website design, increase conversion rates and get more done with recommended blogging tools.  You can also connect with Sherice personally on Twitter.


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Getting Personal with Your Copy

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