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Get Your Blog on Google Finance

Get Your Blog on Google Finance

Now that Google Finance has launched and includes blogs as sources of stock market influenced information, just how can one get their blog into the Google Finance listings?

Seth Finkelstein spills the beans on his Infothought Blog:

The algorithm used by Google to rank blog posts for Google Finance doesn’t have anything to do with the company ticker symbol. It works off a search of the phrase of the full company name. It just looks like it’s related to the ticker symbol, since that’s how the Google finance page itself is organized, and many finance articles are written in a style of “[name] China Repression Associate Personnel [symbol] (Nasdaq: CRAP) …”

This is very clear if you look at a company with a long name, such as e.g. “Check Point Software”. You’ll likely see many articles which make it clear that what matters is name, not symbol. So if you have a post about “Secure Computing (SCUR)”, it’s the “Secure Computing” part which matters, not the “(SCUR)” (the best phrase to use there is actually “Secure Computing Corporation”. At best, the ticket symbol is a related word, but by no means the primary ranking factor.

More on optimizing for Google Finance and Seth’s views on the effect on splogs.

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Get Your Blog on Google Finance

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