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How to Create Facebook Ads for Effective Campaign

Facebook ads doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's part of larger campaign strategies---all of which need to be tracked separately. Here's how Acquisio can help.

This is a sponsored post written by Acquisio. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

By now, we all know that Facebook ads are for more than just brand awareness. With more than 1.5 billion monthly users, it’s not such a bad place to get your ads in front of a few people.

Three things stand in the way of Facebook and Instagram advertising success:

  1. Creating enough ads to get proper information on successful elements is incredibly time-consuming.
  2. Facebook’s data for advertisers just doesn’t give you enough information to make informed choices.
  3. Improving the quality and success of Facebook ads is all but impossible when running thousands of them.

Add to that the fact that Facebook advertising does not exist in a vacuum, but is part of larger campaign strategies across multiple channels, all of which need to be tracked separately, and time and effort is starting to add up rapidly.

Introducing Acquisio Social

Acquisio Social is a new feature of Acquisio that allows you to build multiple sets of your Facebook campaigns in just a few minutes.

With Acquisio Social, you’ll be able to:

  1. Improve the performance of your ads with A/B testing tools
  2. Get advanced analytics on ad performance
  3.  Get better performance out of your campaigns with coaching and suggestions

Test Hundreds of Ads in Minutes

Facebook’s ad editor has certain limitations, not the least of which is that it takes a long time to create ads. This is especially true if your aim is to test multiple variations of ads with different copy, images, and demographic targets all at the same time.

With Acquisio Social, you can test hundreds of ad variants and build them all in just a few minutes. You’ll be able to create ads with all of your different variants, extending across each aspect of the ads.

All of a sudden you’ve got more time to improve the quality of your ads, and increase engagement at the same time. In the time it used to take you to create just one ad, now you can create hundreds, giving you the opportunity to find out which parts of your ads perform at the highest level.

In-Depth Analysis Makes Advertising Easier

Data is not easy to come by when using the Facebook ad platform. And it’s impossible to find out which parts of your ads performed the best.

When you use Acquisio Social, you’ll get extensive analytics tools that take the hassle out of analytics, and help you to find the key metrics that will show you how to replicate your success, over and over.

Get Actionable Insights

Of course, all of this doesn’t mean anything unless it’s actionable. You’ll get information that helps you stop spending money on clicks that don’t convert with Acquisio Social.

Acquisio Social tracks activity on external websites, and takes into account leads, sales, and customer acquisitions — info that goes way beyond the number of people who liked a post.

You’ll also get automated suggestions that will help you to bring down your CPC, improve your return on ad spend, and a lot more.

And more than that, when you use Acquisio you’ll be able to keep track of all your publisher accounts from one place. It’s the best of all publisher worlds.

To find out more about how Acquisio Social can help you, visit this page to learn more.


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How to Create Facebook Ads for Effective Campaign

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