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Get Early Access to Google’s Experimental Projects

Get Early Access to Google’s Experimental Projects

Google is giving people the opportunity to sign up for early access to experimental projects from its Area 120 incubator.

Employees at Google are encouraged to spend 20% of their time working on projects that are not directly related to their job. Area 120 is where Googlers work on these projects.

Some of Google’s products that are now used by people every day started off as 20% projects. This includes products such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google News, and AdSense.

Could you imagine being able to say you were one of the first people to ever use Gmail or Google Maps?

In the future, you may be able to say something to that effect. You might even get to use experimental products that do not end up getting released to the public.

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Most recently, Area 120 has released a social YouTube app called Uptime, and VR/3D advertising project called Advr.

It’s not known what’s coming out next from Area 120, or what they’re currently working on, but you now have the opportunity to get an advanced look. Both Android and iOS users are eligible to join the early access program.


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