Creative Google Link Building Queries w/ Ontolo’s Tool

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Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty
Creative Google Link Building Queries w/ Ontolo’s Tool

Knowing how to search Google is important, knowing how to search Google creatively is gold. Therefore I always pay so much attention to various tools and ideas that help to learn all various ways of using Google.

I already took a look at a few tools that help learn Google advanced search and also listed some helpful link building search queries. This time I am sharing another useful tool that will help you in your link prospect Google search.

Ontolo guys have put together and made public a new link building tool that generates search queries based on what you need.

Let’s see how it works.

Step 1

The first step is clear: you need to provide your base search term (describing the niche you want to build links in).

In this step you can get as creative as you want:

  • Put your base key phase in quotes to make the search more targeted (e.g. "weight loss");
  • Provide synonyms to reach more relevant sites; use OR between your synonyms to make sure any of them is included (e.g. "weight loss" OR "dieting" OR "diets");
  • Use a wildcard to include more results into your search: a wildcard (*) will be substituted by one or ore words (e.g. "* dieting * tips" will find "Diet Trends · Dieting Myths · Dieting Tips", "Weight Loss & Dieting: Diet Tips", etc)

Step 2

The next step requires a bit more explanation: here you will need to choose ONE of the following "Types":

1. Linkable Asset Types (stand for properties or qualities of your site or organization that earn links):

  • Content for placement;
  • Content for submission;
  • Forum;
  • RSS feed;
  • Contest, etc

2. Linkable Opportunity Types (stand for the types of links you’re targeting with your efforts):

  • Description link;
  • Directory listing;
  • Guest post;
  • Editorial, etc

3. Targeted Content Type (stand for the types of content and websites you’re seeking links from):

  • Sponsor list;
  • Resource list;
  • Blog;
  • Testimonial page;
  • Video aggregator.

Step 3

After you provided your search term and chose the type, you are ready to generate link building queries. Grab each of them and use your preferred search engine to look for link prospects:

Link prospects search tool: suggestions


Link prospects search

Be sure to consider these two steps suggested on the tool help page:

  • Play around! Add your highest-level keyword and pick a random query. By investigating random queries you may discover some unknown link opportunities.
  • Quit playing around and get systematic! Look at every single query using your top keywords – where are the link opportunities that you’ve missed until now?
Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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