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Get Alerted Once Any Page Is Changed

Being automatically updates once a page is changed opens up a wealth of (probably missed) opportunities:

  • Make sure your own page is save from hackers’ attack: receive email alerts once a hacker adds any illegitimate links or text on your page;
  • Keep track of new comments (an alternative to services like Co.mments which by the way doesn’t work for all types of pages) or new threads in a forum;
  • Get updates of page changes introduced by site co-authors: if several people edit the site, you can moderate how they change the pages;
  • Get alerted once your competitors issue a press release by tracking specific words and their corporate website;
  • Track Google SERPs (especially useful to track most recent name mentions for reputation management; example: tracking this page [ann smarty];
  • More options to track.

There are two handy ways I personally use to keep track of changes introduced to any webpage:

  • Track Engine allows for 5 free “bookmarks” and also offers unlimited subscriptions for about $20 per year. The service sends an email alert once any changes are introduced and allows for a number of very handy “expert” tracking parameters:
    • track a page daily/ every two days/ every three days/ weekly;
    • highlight new content and send the full copy of the changed page or highlight changes and send the summary of those changes;
    • send the report only in case XX edits were introduced;
    • track only specified keywords (e.g. news);
    • track changes to: hyperlinks / images / dates / numbers;
    • exclude changes containing any specified keywords;
    • disable tracking once some time passes.

Track Engine: Expert Settings

Track Engine: Expert Settings

Track Engine: Email Alerts

Track Engine: Email Alert

  • Check and get (paid with 30-day trial) will alert you of changes each time the program is launched:

Check&Get: Changes Alerts

Check&Get Changes Preview

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Get Alerted Once Any Page Is Changed

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