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Gawker Blogs Grab Yahoo Distribution

Gawker Blogs Grab Yahoo Distribution

In a landgrab for both Yahoo and Nick Denton’s Gawker, Yahoo (the company which is so into blogging it had the cajones to name its latest shopping search product Shoposphere) and Gawker have entered into an agreement to integrate Gawker blog content into the Yahoo Media empire.

Duncan Riley from the Blog Herald reports “Yahoo has announced that it has agreed to distribute blogs from Gawker Media.

Yahoo said it will post stories from Wonkette, Defamer and Gizmodo, and that the relationship with Gawker could expand to include other Gawker properties in the future… Yahoo! Fleshbot any one?”

Yahoo has recently been boasting its financial content by bringing in its own columnists, and sending Kevin Sites around the world to educate the public on the plights of war. All fine work. Let’s just hope that Yahoo doesn’t plague its Yahoo News index with NY centric (you just don’t get it if you don’t live Uptown) Gawker rumors about Judy Miller.

According to Hollywood Reporter (thanks Nick W), this won’t be happening : “Five to seven stories per day will be posted in their entirety from each blog and added to Yahoo! News’ editorial roster”.

Great move. Keep Gawker what it is, Gawker; and post the best and more relevant stories for the masses in Yahoo. Works great for both parties.

As for Fleshbot integration into Yahoo… Yahoo Video Search keeps me happy 🙂

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Gawker Blogs Grab Yahoo Distribution

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