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FyberSearch Search Engine

FyberSearch Search Engine

FyberSearch got its popularity for having been started by the then 19 year old Nathan Enns. The engine sports a lot of options from a pure search perspective and also has entered a few specialized niche search areas along the way.

Some of the very interesting features tried out at the engine are the sentence searching concept. The engine has its own crawler and database and does image search and feeds search as well. There are several features available to site submitters such as immediate feedback on the ranking of their site and keyword statistic tools. Users get to alter the keyword density ( how many occurrences of the keyword in the article would you consider relevant ) of their searches as well. A review (though old) of FyberSearch features can be found at SecurityProNews.

The string of acquisitions that FyberSearch has made along the way have added many new features such as lesson search and autos (for searching information on automobile models).

The engine sports a host of features that have been added incrementally and Nathan looks forward to making it a specialized engine for general topics.

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FyberSearch Search Engine

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