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FyberSearch Acquires RSS Feed Search Engine

FyberSearch Acquires RSS Feed Search Engine

FyberSearch Acquires RSS Feed Search Engine

FyberSearch announced the acquisition of the feed archive search engine FeedPlex today in hopes of adding to its collection of useful search tools. FeedPlex is a feed search engine that provides Internet users the ability to find data in XML/RSS format on the web.

“We are very happy to announce this acquisition, and to have such a diligent search engine ‘make something out of it’,” said Sid Yadav, former CEO and co-founder of FeedPlex.

FyberSearch has the mission to “To provide users with the level of control they need to find the results they desire”. FeedPlex and other feed search engines reach an audience that a general web search engines such as FyberSearch cannot reach alone.

General search engines display search results by matching keywords against cataloged data from all types of web pages. This works well in many cases but sometimes a user would like to find only data taken from web pages similar news, articles and blogs. This is where FeedPlex comes in.

FeedPlex and other feed search engines catalog XML, RSS, ATOM and RDF files. These files typically contain rich data from all kinds of news websites and blogs.

“I am looking forward to completing the FeedPlex redesign. It was and should continue to be another useful tool Internet users can use to find the information they need.” said Nathan Enss, Owner and Founder of FyberSearch.

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