Free Twitter Tools to Help You Manage and Acquire More Followers

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Free Twitter Tools to Help You Manage and Acquire More Followers

So many people use Twitter to get the latest up to the minute news these days that you need some help pruning the wheat from the chaff. If you can follow just those users with the best information and produce some high quality tweets and re-tweets of your own then you will keep everyone happy, including yourself.

These are web based tools that you can use anywhere to make sure you keep your Twitter account performing at its best all of the time.

Get More Followers with BlastFollow

Understandably this will not be for everyone although you will find that your audience will be more targeted than people imagine. We all know that the best way to get followers is to follow more people yourself and to make sure you follow the right kind of people BlastFollow allows you to use hashtags. Simply enter a hashtag that you know your target audience uses a lot and BlastFollow will quickly return the number of users available for you to follow.

Update: BlastFollow currently is not working due to not making use of OAuth authentication although we hope this will change in the future. In the mean time TwitterFall offer a wide variety of options to filter Twitter users. Users and their tweets are then displayed in a continuous stream with the ability to follow users using just a couple of clicks.

Manage All Followers with ReFollow

ReFollow is a really powerful tool for managing your Twitter followers. You can get rid of people that don’t have a Twitter picture, haven’t tweeted in X number of days or are not following you back. Additionally you can follow everyone who follows a user that you like. This last point makes it really easy to build up a following of like minded individuals who enjoy the same things as you.

Update: Since the change to OAuth authentication on Twitter the free version of ReFollow has been blocked. Work is commencing on a new multi-tiered subscription service that will include a free version of this popular tool. However currently if you wish to use the ReFollow tool then you will be required to pay an early access fee of $20.

An alternative tool TweetBig offers many useful features for those looking after large Twitter accounts. Features include the ability recommend and gather followers, find your most influential followers (very useful when it comes to increasing visibility for yourself or brand), the ability to analyse your competitors followers, schedule tweets and a multitude of other options.

Get More Tools with Twitdom

There are so many applications built for Twitter in a daily basis that it can be hard to keep up. Twitdom provides an easy way to search a multitude of different applications by all kinds of criteria  such as by use or platform. There is a small explanation for each of the applications along with a ranking, so you easily see the most useful applications in any particular category.

Additionally OneForty also provides a wide variety of Twitter applications and tools along with rating to help you get the most out of Twitter.

Predict You Following with TwitterCounter

Finally to keep track of your following is progressing and where you will be in the next 5, 10, 15 days make use of TwitterCounter. This web based application will show a timeline of the Twitter following you have acquired along with the frequency of your tweets allowing you to see if more tweets really does mean more followers.

Tools and applications like these have led to the success of many social media campaigns, such as our latest Extreme Pie campaign to promote Quiksilver clothing. As there are so many tools available I would love to hear which one’s you find most useful for your day to day Twitter activities in the comments.

Alex Murray

Alex Murray

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