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FOOA Conference Pass : Social Media & Advertising

Before SES NY we announced that Search Engine Journal was giving away a free pass to the Future of Online Advertising conference in New York, which will be held on June 7th.

After reviewing the entries for the contest, who answered the question “How do you think social media has changed the online advertising landscape?”, Pablo Palatnik‘s entry was chosen and Mr. Palatnik will be going to the Future of Online Advertising conference for free.

Here is Paulo’s entry, and the rest of the participants’ entries can be read at Win a Free Pass to FOOA Conference in New York.

Without a doubt, social media has changed the way we market our product, service, or information online.

Social Media serves our online marketing needs for all purposes including:
*Link Building
*Free Exposure

There are two divisions in this field which are broken down to Social Media & Social Bookmarking (under the same umbrella and becoming tied closer together).

Social Media- Myspace, Friendster, Eons, Dating sites, etc.

Social Media has opened a new door to businesses, which can promote just about anything by making a simple profile and requesting friends, posting bulletins, and much more. Public Relations is becoming more and more tied closley with the internet and through this channel, becoming the fastest growing media outlet. Almost every celebrity, music group, etc has a Myspace profile while promoting daily, weekly, or monthly news about thier tours, cd releases, and more FOR FREE. A user is more entertained by the fact that a profile is interactive finding more and more relevant information to which they are looking for than a static website.

The Avg Stay is about 27+ minutes!

Social Bookmarking has also changed the way an online marketing campaign should be built. These outlets let us not only advertise a product or business, but again servce as a means of public relations. Social bookmarking sites such as digg, reddit, netscape, and more are becoming more and more important to seo’s and sem’s a like in strategizing thier campaign. Link building and driving traffic have a new best friend now. These sites are growing monthly with more people aware of the power that they can bring to your website if used and strategized correctly.

These sites have also opened a door to affiliate marketers with many techniques not only to increase CTRs on ad networks like adsense but also promote affiliate offers on thier own sites.

It is essential I believe to include these channels in your marketing campaigns…these channels are VERY young and will continue to grow and better understood by both marketers and users.

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FOOA Conference Pass : Social Media & Advertising

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