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This Tool Helps Marketers & Advertisers to Track Traffic Quality

Get accessible and understandable data that can help you make informed advertising decisions using this traffic quality tool.


This is a sponsored post written by Finteza. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

When online advertising replaced traditional advertising channels, advertisers and marketers became armed with tools and resources to know how their advertising budget was spent; we became able to track impressions, reach, traffic source, site visit numbers, etc.

Essentially, everything in advertising and marketing became measurable, except for one – the ability to track the quality of traffic advertisers are paying for.

A quick search for [advertising platforms] on Google returns myriads of places and platforms to advertise, but few to no tools show up when you search [traffic quality tool] or [traffic quality monitor]. And monitoring traffic quality is as important as driving traffic, because what use are thousands or millions of visitors in traffic if they’re never going to convert?

Finteza is a traffic quality tool that tells you the exact percentage of high-quality and inferior-quality traffic coming from different channels to your site. Plus, it’s a tool that is truly on the side of advertising buyers.

A Tool That Provides Buyer-Side Traffic Quality Analytics

To be fair, many advertising platforms will hint to you about the traffic quality they’re sending you, but how unbiased is that data?

It wasn’t long ago that Facebook faced a lawsuit because they allegedly spoofed reach numbers and misled advertisers into spending more money on Facebook advertising than they should – because they were promised more reach.

Whether or not these accusations are true, and whether or not other advertising platforms show you real numbers in the dashboard they provide, it’s important you have an unbiased tool, controlled by you, showing you traffic quality at a glance.

Plus, it’s also important that you’re able to easily track traffic quality from these platforms without having to spend hours analyzing metrics like time on page, bounce rates, and so on.

This is the major problem Finteza solves – among other advertising/marketing analytics problems.


“Finteza is a buyer-side analytics solution. We want to provide accessible and understandable data for those who pay for traffic. I think the desire to see and understand what you are paying for is natural,” says Arsen Mukuchyan, Head of Product Development at Finteza.

In other words, while advertising platforms – Google, Facebook, etc. – provide you with a dashboard to track traffic quality and other metrics controlled by them, Finteza provides you with a dashboard that’s controlled by you so it’s truly objective and unbiased.

It uses comprehensive botnet analysis, complex user-behavior analysis, accurate tracking technology, and unique accounting algorithms to enable Finteza to detect low-quality traffic.

The tool digs deep into traffic-quality analytics, showing you three levels of the health of traffic coming to your site:

Traffic quality

  • Green shows the pure traffic, which includes live users.
  • Yellow reflects visits via proxy servers, VPN, Tor Browser, etc.
  • Red features undesirable traffic (i.e. visits from spam IP addresses or hackers, as well as those trying to falsify request parameters and cookies).
  • If you see a gray color on the traffic quality bar, it denotes traffic generated by social networks, instant messaging apps, and search engine bots.

The software also shows you a thorough break down of the traffic quality details in terms of the networks your visitors are coming from, showing you numbers of page views, events, sessions, and visitors.

Traffic quality

Furthermore, and maybe more importantly, you can track the percentage of traffic quality from a specific channel.

For example, here’s a screenshot of the tool showing the percentage of quality and inferior traffic from Facebook Ads:

Traffic quality

This way, advertisers get the real gist of how much quality traffic is coming from every channel they’re spending their advertising and marketing budget on.

Is this tool easy to use for all types of marketers? Here’s Mukuchyan’s talk about the usability of the tool:

“I evaluate each interface element from the point of view of a first-time user who has never seen such a system before and a user who has been performing thousands of regular operations over the years,” says Mukuchyan.

“In other words, a business owner who logs in for 10 minutes once a week, can see transparent and understandable metrics of his company efficiency. The tool’s major objective is to provide an honest analytics platform for marketers, where they can easily, and at a glance, see the percentage of traffic quality from the platforms they’re paying for adverts,” Mukuchyan added.

But while the software provides traffic quality insights, it also provides other important and even unique features.

Other Unique Benefits for Advertisers & Marketers

Added features of the Finteza platform include:

Configurable Attribution within a Website or Application

No two companies or products are the same, even if they look alike, so you need an attribution model that is entirely configured to suit your organization’s and product’s conversion funnel. Finteza helps you create an attribution model that’s unique for your product and conversion funnel.

In Mukuchyan’s words:

“Finteza offers end-to-end tracking of how users interact with your product and build a multi-level conversion funnel. This feature is customizable: the user can change separate parameters as well as the entire attribution system. By the way, the next breakthrough release will be the conversion configuring interface, which will become available to everyone.”

End-To-End Tracking of User Interaction

The tool combines data of all advertising platforms, from which you buy traffic and helps you attribute them to individual conversions.

Lower Tracking Latency

In Mukuchyan’s words: We are already providing a lower tracking latency than our competitors. This reduces losses and increases accuracy.”

He added that all of these features only comprise about 3 to 5 percent of the features that are planned out for Finteza.

In essence, tracking traffic quality tells you where to keep spending your advertising budget and which channels to stop running campaigns to save costs.

Every penny you spend is important so you can’t afford to waste money on advertising that won’t offer a return.

Finteza is the first advertising analytics tool that tells you exactly what percentage of your traffic is relevant.


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Featured Image: Image by Finteza. Used with permission. 
In-Post Photos: Images by Finteza. Used with permission.

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This Tool Helps Marketers & Advertisers to Track Traffic Quality

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