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Feedster RSS XML Search Engine Launches Feedpapers

This week Feedster, the RSS and XML search engine and feed reading service, demonstrated its web-based tools for building Feedpapers. Feedpapers make to easily combine, filter and publish Internet content in one easy package for browser based news agregation.

Feedpapers are customized web pages formed by combining syndicated Internet content – culled from the 500,000 newsfeeds continuously searched by Feedster, such as The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today,, many IT publications, PRNewswire, and hundreds of thousands of blogs. A Feedpaper is a web-based and RSS-enabled micropublication on any topic of its creators choosing. Creating a Feedpaper enables its publisher to blend, track, and share information on any topic.

More on Feedster and Feedpapers at the Feedster Blog

“Feedster has quickly become the RSS/XML search leader,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of NetworkWorld’s DEMO Conferences, Editor of DEMOletter and leading technology industry analyst for nearly 20 years. “As blogs and RSS/XML data feeds join the Internet mainstream in 2004, Feedster’s cutting-edge technology changes the way we consume and use that information. It helps people easily find the relevant, timely information they’re looking for.”

“New tools are required to manage the deluge of blog-based information. Feedster is among the most important of those new tools,” added Shipley. “Feedster not only provides a fresh index of blog content, it facilitates RSS subscriptions and — perhaps most useful — turns your searches in to subscribable feeds. Feedster is a must-use tool for anyone tracking the blogosphere of information.”

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Feedster RSS XML Search Engine Launches Feedpapers

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