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Feedster and Eurekster Mix RSS, Blogs, and Social Search

Feedster and Eurekster Mix RSS, Blogs, and Social Search

Feedster, Inc., the RSS feed and blog search engine, today announced that it will power RSS and blog search results for Eurekster, the Internet search engine powered by social networking technology. By integrating Feedster’s news search technology and RSS feeds, Eurekster now provides its users and subscribers with an expanded search solution containing new sources of information and data beyond traditional Web search.

“Both Feedster and Eurekster apply leading edge methods to bring users relevant and timely search results,” said Scott Rafer, CEO of Feedster. “It makes sense to offer users the next-generation power of RSS and personalized search all in one place.”

“Eurekster uniquely allows users to determine what is relevant to them and their communities of interest and social networks, and now we can allow them to choose Feedster-supplied blog results as one of their relevant search feeds,” said Steven E. Marder, President & COO of Eurekster, Inc. “By incorporating Feedster’s content within the Eurekster search engine, our users can now complement Web search results with the timely, opinionated, and fast-growing weblog world that Feedster now opens to us.”

In the future, Eurekster’s users will be able to create custom FeedPapers to distribute to their networks.

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Feedster and Eurekster Mix RSS, Blogs, and Social Search

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