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Get A New Longtail Search Experience with FeedMil

Feedmil is a new search engine that has quite a few notable features to share. Promoted as a “long tail” feed search engine, Feedmil is a multi-feature search engine you may find useful for:

  • additional information search;
  • keyword and niche research.

Feedmil has a fairly large (and I’d say high-quality) database os various feeds including news, blogs, microblogs, social media feeds, podcasts, etc.

What I found really (SEO-wise) useful is the “Topic significance” chart that is basically a list of related terms and phrases enhanced by the option to adjust the influence of each one. For example, searching for SEO, you can adjust the topic significance to include more feeds related to “search”, “link”, “marketing, etc.

It is hard to tell how accurate the results are but from what I was able to see – the results are pretty much relevant to what you set them to be:


Note: the algorithm behind defining the quality (versus popularity) of feeds is unclear, so if anyone is aware of some (official) information on it, please share in the comments and I’ll add that here.

The tool was reviewed under SEJ policy.

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Get A New Longtail Search Experience with FeedMil

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