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Facebook’s Best Practices For Increasing Video Reach

Facebook has published a set of best practices to help pages achieve greater reach with video posts.

The tips are focused on optimizing video for the signals that have the greatest influence on distribution in the news feed.

Facebook’s four most important signals for video distribution are:

  • Originality
  • Viewing behaviors and video attributes
  • Loyalty and intent
  • Engagement

Here is a summary of Facebook’s recommendations for optimizing videos for the above signals.


Facebook prioritizes video content that has a strong signal of originality as a way to reward creators for their hard work.

The best way to improve your page’s originality signal is to take an active role in creating the videos you post.

Avoid posting content that already exists on Facebook or elsewhere on the web (unless you created it).

Viewing Behaviors and Video Attributes

Video distribution on Facebook is impacted by audience behavior and various attributes of the video itself.

For example, a three-minute video that viewers watch all the way through would generate a strong distribution signal.

A stronger signal is sent when the viewer engages with the video in some other way, such as sharing it or leaving a comment.

Facebook says it prioritizes longer videos (three minutes or more) that keep viewers interested enough to watch to the end.

Pages may face reduced video distribution for publishing clickbait videos or publishing videos that feel like slide shows.

Loyalty and Intent

A strong distribution signal is sent when people continuously return to a page to watch its videos. An even stronger signal is sent when people actively search for a page’s content.

Pages can strengthen these signals by optimizing video content for Facebook search and publishing bonus content in between longer videos (like Live videos, photos, or text posts).


Facebook prioritizes the distribution of videos that inspire friend-to-friend or person-to-person interactions.

This could include people sharing a video with their friends, as sharing is still one of Facebook’s most powerful distribution signals.

Of course, likes and reactions are also important, but only if they’re generated organically and not through engagement bait.

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Facebook’s Best Practices For Increasing Video Reach

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