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Facebook Messenger Now Supports HD Video and 360-degree Photos

With the latest update to Facebook Messenger users can now send and receive HD videos and 360-degree photos.

While this is an upgrade from what Messenger was previously capable of handling, the “HD” video it supports only 720p. These days HD usually means 1080p or greater. Many of the very latest smartphones are even able to shoot 4K video.

In order to share 360-degree photos users will first have to capture them using a separate app or specialized camera. Then they can be shared just like a normal photo.

High definition videos will have the familiar “HD” marker on the lower right-hand corner. Users can toggle between HD and SD by tapping the marker, which is useful for users looking to conserve data usage.

Messenger will identify 360-degree photos with the same compass icon as you would see in the regular Facebook app. The recipient can move their phone or drag their finger to look around the photo.

These updates to Messenger are now available worldwide on both iOS and Android.

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Facebook Messenger Now Supports HD Video and 360-degree Photos

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