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Facebook Lets Users Turn Any 2D Image Into a 3D Photo

Facebook is upgrading its 3D photo capabilities, allowing users to create a 3D post out of any 2D image.

Until now, Facebook’s 3D photo feature has relied on the dual-lens “portrait mode” capabilities available in newer smartphones. It was not previously available on mobile devices that only have a single rear-facing camera.

In an announcement, Facebook explains how it has managed to bring 3D photos to everyone regardless of their device:

“To bring this new visual format to more people, we have used state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to produce 3D photos from virtually any standard 2D picture. This system infers the 3D structure of any image, whether it is a new shot just taken on an Android or iOS device with a standard single camera, or a decades-old image recently uploaded to a phone or laptop.”

Now, any imaged captured by any device can be given a similar 3D effect as one taken by a dual-lens smartphone.

Facebook users can begin utilizing this new feature by updating their app and looking for the ‘3D photo’ option that appears when creating a new post.

Simply tap on ‘3D photo’ then select an image from your camera roll. Facebook will then generate a 3D simulated image.

Note that this is just a simulation as it does not have the full depth of a photo captured by a dual-lens camera. Although, like full-depth 3D photos, it will still respond when you tilt your screen.

Now that they’re available to everyone, it’s possible 3D photos will become more commonplace in the Facebook news feed.

Source: Facebook

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Facebook Lets Users Turn Any 2D Image Into a 3D Photo

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