Facebook Introduces New Company Page Design, Featuring New ‘Pages To Watch’ Section

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Facebook Introduces New Company Page Design, Featuring New ‘Pages To Watch’ Section

Facebook announced yesterday they will be rolling out a new “streamlined” look for company Pages on the desktop version of their site. The new look is designed to benefit users and Page admins alike by emphasizing important information and making the most commonly used tools more accessible. This announcement comes just a few days after Facebook unveiled a new design for their News Feed.

The Page timeline design has been updated to make posts look consistent to how they would appear in the News Feed. Anyone who’s ever managed a Facebook page before knows how frustrating it after spending time crafting a great post only to have it appear differently in the News Feed to how it looks in the Page timeline. Now you can be certain your posts look just as good across the entire platform.

The new design also makes company pages look a lot more like personal pages. There’s a left column dedicated to your Page’s posts and a right column dedicated to your business’s information. Here’s an example of how it looks:

New Features For Page Admins

The new design brings with it several new features just for Page admins. If you look on the very top right hand corner of the above example you’ll see the current week’s Facebook activity at a glance. This includes ads running, amount of new likes, Page reach, and notifications. You can click on any of these for more detail. You’ll see a few new navigation options across the top as well.

The most intriguing new feature is the Pages to Watch section. Pages to Watch allows you to make a list of other business pages and compare your performance against theirs. This is a great way to keep an eye on your competitors, clients, and other businesses you care about.

The “Overview” tab of Page Insights displays some key stats about the Pages they are watching. The “Posts” tab of Page Insights includes a feature to view the past week’s most engaging posts from the Pages you’re watching.

What do you think about the new Facebook Page design? Is it better? Worse? Should they have kept it they way it was? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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  • Dean Signori

    There seems to be less information at a glance with the insights being on a seperate tab but im glad the timeline is single vertical again – having it on seperate tabs might help the load speed my desktop Facebook always seems laggy 🙂

  • rakesh2015

    Hi Matt,

    New Facebook company page design is really good and eye catchy look. I believe this new design of the Facebook page is increase users’ time spend on my business page. And for admins features it was decent. Admins are getting all the information without single click, they get current week’s activities, new page links, ads information and page reach on right panel.

  • Joseph

    Thanks for alerting me to this. I don’t mind the look of it myself but it does look a touch compartmentalised. Will be interesting to have a play with it when I can.

  • Rakesh

    Now the arrangement layout is better and eye catching in comparison to previous one. Specially “Facebook activity at a glance” at top right corner

  • Nicole

    How do you view who is “watching” your business page?

  • frederick

    Is this just for the desktop users only or will it eventually be adapted for mobile use as well?

  • Peter

    Facebook just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to give this feature a go and see what I can get down with it. I am really looking forward to the Pages to watch section, it would be nice to compare your company with others and see how your company is doing compared to theirs.

    Is there a way to determine the amount of visits you are getting or did I misread a part and not notice it?

  • Ravi Chauhan

    Facebook new page design is really good & attractive for viewers.

  • Hardeep Singh

    It is good….!! Thanks for sharing. Actually facebook is big place for marketing of any type of business. So its seems to good for business profiles.