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Facebook Gives a Heads-Up About a New Tool That May Affect Ad Targeting

Facebook Gives a Heads-Up About a New Tool That May Affect Ad Targeting

A new tool for users to manage how their off-Facebook activity is used by advertisers may affect ad targeting capabilities.

The tool was announced last year and is confirmed to be rolling out within the coming months.

It allows users to disconnect their off-Facebook activity, which can then no longer be used for targeting.

In addition, if off-Facebook activity is disconnected, targeting options like the Facebook pixel cannot be used to reach the person with ads.

Facebook explains the intent behind this new tool for managing off-site activity:

“… it’s designed to give people more transparency and control over the data other apps and websites share with us. This will include a list of the apps and websites someone visits that use our business tools such as the Facebook pixel, SDK and API.”

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In preparation of the tool’s rollout, Facebook has spoken with businesses, agencies, and industry bodies to get an idea of what advertisers need to know.

Based on feedback from those conversations, the company has put together a list of four important things to know about the tool if you run Facebook ads.

Transparency and Control
Transparency and control are good for business, Facebook says, as they help people feel better about ads and the businesses running them.

The tool is designed to educate users about how their information is used by advertisers.

May impact targeting
As mentioned, not having access to off-site activity may impact ad targeting. Facebook suggests keeping that in mind when planning campaigns in the second half of this year.

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Measurement will remain intact
Facebook says measurement and analytics will not be affected as personal information is not shared in reporting tools.


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