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Facebook Expands Professional Profiles To All Users

Facebook is expanding professional profiles globally, letting all users utilize features that were previously exclusive to business pages.

Facebook’s professional profile mode is now available to users worldwide, allowing everyone to showcase their skills and abilities in new ways.

First rolled out last December to US-based individuals only, Facebook’s “Professional Mode” is a profile setting that grants access to features that were once exclusive to Pages.

Professional mode removes the need to create a Facebook Page to get your content in front of a larger audience.

Professional Mode includes various features, ranging from monetization opportunities to creative tools and educational resources.

Let’s look at what you get when activating this free addition to Facebook.

What Do You Get With Facebook Professional Mode?

New Ways To Earn Money

Professional Mode offers new ways for users to earn money as content creators.

  • Reels Play on Facebook: A bonus program that allows US creators to earn money from Reels.
  • Stars: Similar to Twitch’s ‘bits’ and TikTok’s virtual gifts, Stars allow eligible creators in professional mode to earn money directly from fans.
  • In-stream ads: Earn money by enabling ads before, during, and after longer videos. Facebook is also testing ads in Reels.
  • Subscriptions: Allows fans to increase their support for creators with a monthly subscription and allows creators to share subscriber-only content.

New Ways To Build An Audience

Professional Mode helps creators expand their audience in the following ways:

  • Recommendations: Facebook may recommend your content in the “Suggested for You” section.
  • Top Fans: Highlights your most engaged followers with a special badge next to their name.
  • Invites: You can send direct invites for people to follow your profile.
  • Notifications: Get alerted to popular posts so you can jump in and engage with commenters.
  • Collabs: You can work with other creators to co-author a Reel.
  • Boosts: Facebook is testing the ability to boost eligible content as ads.

New Ways To Create & Learn

Professional Mode grants access to the following creative tools and educational resources:

  • Professional dashboard: Get all your performance data in one place, including Reels analytics and monetization insights.
  • Profile categories: You’ll have the option to add a professional category to your profile, which shows up when people search for you by name.
  • Post composer: Schedule your posts in advance and view recommended times for optimal post scheduling.
  • Creator support hub: Access to support and education materials to get help on common issues creators have to deal with.


Facebook’s Professional Mode is available now to all users. Follow these steps to activate it:

Here’s how you can turn on professional mode:

  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • Below your profile header, click or tap the menu button on the right side.
  • Click or tap Turn on professional mode.
  • To confirm, click or tap Turn on.

Source: Meta

Featured Image: Screenshot from, November 2022. 

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Facebook Expands Professional Profiles To All Users

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