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Facebook Backtracks on Changing Chatbot Subscription Messaging Policies

Facebook Backtracks on Changing Chatbot Subscription Messaging Policies

Facebook will no longer be changing its subscription messaging policies, which would have affected chatbots.

We reported last month that Facebook was making a change to chatbot permissions, and giving pages until December 31st to comply with the new policy.

The policy change would have impacted the ability of chatbots to send subscription messages.

Subscription messages are non-promotional messages that can be automatically sent to users at any time, such as news updates or alerts from apps.

If your Facebook page has a chatbot that sends subscription messages, you can disregard our previous report.

Facebook recently stated in an update:

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“As we continue to review our Subscription Messaging policies, developers provided access to send messages via app-level permissions may continue to do so until further notice. We still encourage developers to migrate to the Page-level permission as we evaluate potential updates to this policy.”

Pages no longer have to be granted permission from Facebook to send subscription messages, at least for now.

If you have already migrated to page-level permission, well, you’re a step ahead. Facebook may still decide to implement a policy change in the future.

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