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Facebook is Changing Chatbot Permissions for Subscription Messaging, Effective December 31st

Facebook is making changes to subscription messaging permissions that will affect chatbots.

Permission to send subscription messages will have to be granted at the Page-level rather than at the app-level.

Chatbots that send subscription messages have until December 31st to transition from app-level to page-level permissions.

If you have a chatbot that sends subscription messages then these changes are important to be aware of.

These changes do not apply to chatbots that only send standard messages.

Here’s the difference between the two messaging types.

Standard Messaging vs Subscription Messaging

Subscription messaging is different from standard messaging.

The key differences are that subscription messages can be sent outside the 24-hour messaging window that applies to standard messages.

Also, subscription messages cannot contain promotional content. So they typically contain news content.

They can also be used by productivity apps and personal trackers.

Standard messages, on the other hand, can contain promotional content.

However, they can only be sent during a 24-hour window that resets any time the person sends a message to the business.

What’s Changing?

Previously, permission to send subscription messages was granted at the app-level.

So if you were using a chatbot service provider that was already approved to send subscription messages, then you didn’t need any further permissions.

After December 31st, permission to send subscription messages will be granted at the page-level.

That means individual Facebook pages sending subscription messages will have to go through an approval process.

Pages can apply to send subscription messages by following the steps below:

  • Go to Page Settings > Messenger Platform
  • Under ‘Subscription Messaging’ in the ‘Advanced Messaging Settings’ section, click the ‘Request’ button.

You will then be presented with a form that asks for the following pieces of information:

  • A sample message
  • A brief description of how your page will use subscription messaging
  • A short screencast that shows how people will start a conversation with your chatbot
  • Examples of subscription messages that the bot will send
  • Which of the three eligible subscription messaging use cases applies to the bot
  • A confirmation that the bot will only send non-promotional content, and will abide by all Facebook Platform policies and community standards

Pages that do not go through the application process above will no longer be able to send subscription messages after December 31st.

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Facebook is Changing Chatbot Permissions for Subscription Messaging, Effective December 31st

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