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Evergreen Your Content & Educate More In 2013

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Evergreen Your Content & Educate More In 2013

Talk about conservation and sustainability, how about harvesting the power of great content over and over again? Here’s some ideas on how to maximize not only future content, but the wealth that sits unseen beneath the surface of your publications. 

Evergreening content, remaking marketing

For those of you unfamiliar with the term evergreen, one definition is to refresh and reuse content that you have already written and created, in a different way. As an example; let’s say you have published a series of articles on one topic. Each article is 300 words or more, and there are about 5-10 articles. Now that’s a lot of very valuable content, but the problem arises when that fresh content is buried in the mix of newer articles, it can get easily lost.

One remedy, in terms of evergreen techniques, is to transform the series into an eBook. Then you can distribute the eBook using email marketing platforms and calls to action. Once complete, you have actually accomplished two things. First, you have successfully used an evergreen tactic so your valuable, not so fresh, content is in the eyes of new website visitors. Secondly, you have  implemented one of the strongest lead generation techniques – a free eBook in exchange for an email address. An added bonus is the chance of the eBook becoming link building bait, and being shared throughout other websites.

Now that we understand the term evergreen further, let me discuss content and education in 2013 using your refreshed content.

Visual education is becoming more popular than ever. Think about it… I attend  a school like Thomas Edison State College, yet I am never on a physical campus. Each and every one of my classes is on the Internet, where I am interacting in discussion forums, watching forums or reading from websites. The thought occurs; “So why not take your content and create your own class(es)?”

Doing so will also provide you with a few results:

  • Fresh content on the Internet
  • Lead generation
  • Remarketing
  • Increased revenue
  • Link building

Now let’s go through each of these results, starting with fresh content on the Internet, and using concrete examples to show effectiveness.

Fresh Content

Working for a company that runs a photography SEO community, I am often creating presentations and educating members on the latest in SEO. Not long ago, I created a presentation that discussed the core basics of SEO. In it, I discuss the what, how and why.

This is when I first discovered a platform called Udemy, and when it clicked in my head that I could take the presentation that a lot of time was spent creating, and convert it into an organized video course. So, I’ll continue using the Udemy service for clarity here.

So I started creating the course, SEO for Photographers, and when complete I had another idea click in my head. At the community, we provide members with a few things for free:

  • eBooks
  • Video workshops
  • Hubs for link building, keyword research and more.
  • Private members forum

I knew that two of the four bullets above could be included in the Udemy course. So with that in mind, I included a couple eBooks and all of the video workshops into the SEO for Photographers course. Combining the presentation with the additional videos made the course 8.5 hours long. The beauty is that students can take the course on their time, so they do not feel rushed.

Lead Generation

Currently Udemy does not provide the educators with student email addresses. However, they do provide a way to send messages to individual student. Having this option allows for the educator to validate complete students to see if they should consider additional products. It also allows for educators to remarket to students (which I will discuss next). With the popularity of Udemy, I think it is only a matter of time before they provide further lead generation tools for educators.


Remarketing is the ability to market or promote products to existing leads. Google AdWords has a tool to do this with paid ads, but with Udemy, the process has to be a manual one. As mentioned above, I think it is also a matter of time before they implement more automated remarketing tools.

In the SEO for Photographers course, I included a discount code for students to purchase a subscription to the community for 50% off. That is the first step taken to remarket to students. The second is an email template that is sent to students who have completed the course. The third is the ability to send an email to all students at any time using the built-in email marketing feature of Udemy.

Increased Revenue

Udemy takes a commission of every course sold, which makes sense of course. Even with the loss in profit, having any extra revenue is a good thing for a business. By using the evergreen technique, you’re not usually spending too much time generating the new content. That means the return on investment can be quick and painless for many.

The price of the SEO for Photographers course is $49, and in just a week of launching the course, $200 in profit has been made. Not bad for having no reviews and very little promotion, don’t you think?

Link Building

Like other social profiles, Udemy provides educators and students with profiles. Currently, links included in a profile are not nofollow, which means they’re more valuable than some others. The same goes for the links included in course descriptions.

Another form of link building with a Udemy course is the ability to promote it, and have it promoted by others. Udemy has an affiliate program, so there are incentives for other websites to promote a course.

Another Example

Another example of a course on Udemy using the evergreen technique is the SEO Training Course by SEOMoz. The course is free, and uses their Whiteboard Friday videos as the content. Free is the right price for the course, because it would not be wise to charge people for identical content that is already free on the internet. By having a free course out there on Udemy, SEOMoz has the ability to attract new customers that never knew of the website.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are some new, even novel ways you can educate people and grow your business in 2013. Udemy has proven effective for us, and for many educators, and “evergreening” content has not only saved us valuable resource, but spurred new ideas too, as you can tell.  I’m in the process of creating a course on the most popular WordPress gallery plugin, which I think will be a lot of fun for students.

Please comment below to share your thoughts.



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