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Eurekster and Friendster Partner for Friendster Search Engine

Eurekster and Friendster Partner for Friendster Search Engine

Friendster, the social networking community, and Eurekster, the Internet search engine powered by community and social networking technologies, announced the launch of personalized Internet search and navigation services on Friendster networks in eight countries.

Friendster Search, powered by Eurekster, shows search results that have the added relevance of ranking based on preferences of Friendster members and their friends. Friendster’s more than 13 million users can now access personalized Internet search results continually updated in real time and based on their interests and preferences and those of their friends. In addition to search capabilities, this new functionality uniquely informs Friendster users of “What’s Hot” among their network of friends, alerting them to new Web destinations and topics of interest.

Friendster users can unite their searching of the Web around common themes, affording them a level of control, personalization and relevancy not available from other search engines. With this launch of Friendster Search powered by Eurekster, the leading online community now offers even greater personalization and relevancy. This new search functionality continuously learns from the search behavior of Friendster users and their social networks — empowering them to actively participate in the determination of search results that are more relevant than those offered by existing search engines. Friendster users can confidentially and privately share their knowledge and experiences with each other, simply by using this new feature to search the Web and navigate to sites of their choosing.

“This launch of Friendster Search powered by Eurekster truly furthers our vision of sharing the Internet with your friends. Friendster members are now able to easily find the Web destinations and information that matters most to them and their social networks,” said Scott Sassa, President and CEO, Friendster. “This alliance clearly demonstrates one of the many ways social networking can enhance the Internet experience for millions of users, while generating multiple revenue streams.”

“Word of mouth is a common and powerful way we search for and filter information in everyday life. By joining forces with Friendster, we bring this new search concept to millions of Friendster members, allowing them to share and learn from each other,” said Steven E. Marder, CEO, Eurekster, Inc. “We’ve designed the Eurekster platform to scale with large user networks and communities in order to provide significant value to social networking services and major content providers as they seek to derive revenues from their user bases. Already these new search capabilities on Friendster have begun yielding extremely high conversion rates in excess of industry norms.”

Friendster Search powered by Eurekster relies on patented Learning Search™ technology, keyword suggestion processes and patent-pending procedures that link search algorithms to social networks. Eurekster’s unique SearchMemory™ capability “remembers” the sites that users and their network of contacts have searched for and found useful, and surfaces them to the top for future searches.

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Eurekster and Friendster Partner for Friendster Search Engine

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