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ESPN Hiring Search Engine Technicians

ESPN Hiring Search Engine Technicians

Today Kyle McDoniel, the Director of Business Operations at ESPN contacted me about their new openings for search engine engineers at Wait a second. What interest does ESPN have in search? Well at Search Engine Strategies last week one ongoing point was the importance of vertical search and niche search engines. ESPN being the primary source of sports news is taking a great step forward in reforming their internal search engine and integrating paid search and contextually targeted advertising throughout ESPN.

If you’re a sports nut and like to program search engine scripts, this may be the job for you. “Basically we’re looking to really improve the site search and navigation experience on by building tools and services that help users find the specific sports content they’re looking for (or don’t even know they’re looking for).” McDoniel told the Search Engine Journal.

The technical producer is a front-end focused position that requires html/css, _Javascript, and experience with JSP, ASP or similar. The search engineer should be an experienced Java programmer with some database experience. Both positions are on the ESPN Campus in Bristol, CT.

ESPN Search Technical Producer – As part of both the production and search team this position will be responsible for implementation and integration of search and contextual advertising-related products throughout Duties will include developing search UI and creating new products that enhance navigation on, template maintenance and creation, troubleshooting, integration with reporting and ad serving platforms, developing reports and working with technology partners.

Search Engineer – As part of both the engineering and search team this engineer will be responsible for designing and implementing new applications and processes that will support the search and contextual advertising businesses on This includes improvements to ESPN’s search application and content management and categorization systems, development of reporting, optimization and management tools as well as working with our partners in the space to implement and improve new technologies.

To apply for the ESPN Search positions go to

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ESPN Hiring Search Engine Technicians

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