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Understanding Searchers’ Needs + Advanced Google Analytics: Interviews With Two Experts

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Understanding Searchers’ Needs + Advanced Google Analytics: Interviews With Two Experts

At Pubcon 2015 in Las Vegas, the SEJ team had the opportunity to speak with Jenny Halasz of JLH Marketing and Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting about content effectiveness optimization.

Jenny speaks on advanced Google Analytics, including custom dashboards, and segmentation; while Eric speaks on why leaving searchers’ satisfied is so important.

Learn more in the videos below:

Here are some key takeaways from the videos:

Jenny Halasz on Advanced Google Analytics:

  • The first steps to customizing a Google Analytics dashboard should have a focus on three things: how traffic got to the site, what they did while they were there, and how/why they left.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself or the C-level with data they don’t need. Keep it simple and focus on what they care about.
  • As advanced as Google Analytics is, there is still a lot of misattribution when it comes to counting paid search listings as organic visits. If this is a concern to you, Jenny recommends de-indexing your paid search landing pages from Google altogether.
  • Affiliate marketing also leads to a lot of misattribution in Google Analytics, Jenny says. Among her tips to correct this include not allowing affiliates to link directly back to your site. Affiliate links should go through the affiliate first.

Eric Enge on Content Effectiveness Optimization:

  • Eric explains it like this: you have to think about what percentage of users are satisfied after landing on one of the key pages of your site.
  • Google may already be measuring content effectiveness and using it as a ranking signal, Eric says, or at least they should be.
  • Content effectiveness has a direct correlation to a search engine’s ability to return quality content. The greater percentage of satisfied searchers, the better Google is at doing its job. That’s why Eric believes Google is already measuring this in some way.
  • Delivering effective content is not only about what’s on the page, it’s also about what else is available on the site. For example, a piece of content should satisfy the primary needs of the searcher, but it also helps if it’s connected to resources to satisfy ancillary needs.

In addition, Eric Enge talks about the future of SEO and where link building is heading in this Marketing Nerds podcast.

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