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Educating Teams About SEO and Getting Things Done: An Interview with GoDaddy’s Jim Christian

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Educating Teams About SEO and Getting Things Done: An Interview with GoDaddy’s Jim Christian

A big thanks to our SEJ Summit 2015 sponsor, Searchmetrics — the leading global enterprise platform for search experience optimization.

At SEJ Summit Silicon Valley, SEJ Founder Loren Baker had the opportunity to hang out with Jim Christian to talk about educating teams within the workplace about SEO.

Jim is the Director of Global SEO at GoDaddy, and is responsible for the domain name registrar and all of its related websites’ campaigns. In the video below, he discusses how really getting to know your people can help get things done.

Here are a few key takeaways from the video:

  • Involve yourself with other people in the office who are not related to SEO, and make sure they understand SEO is a component of all teams.
  • Understand there should be a community, and the community should focus on SEO even if they’re not technically in the department. Once you create that community then you can move forward and try to get them involve in how SEO fits into their particular group.
  • Build trust, camaraderie, and friendship with your team. Know what you need to work together as a group for the common good.
  • In terms of what SEOs and marketers could learn from Google projects such as the self-driving car initiative: a ew place for SEOs to go is to optimize the positioning for searches in self-driving cars.

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