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Dumbfind Offering Free Trial for Search Tagvertising

Dumbfind Offering Free Trial for Search Tagvertising

Dumbfind began a free trial for advertisers with Adsonomy; which serves advertisements to users related to the results of a specific search by analyzing the actual search results and not the keywords. Adsonomy is a tagvertising product that offers more opportunities for advertisers to serve ads based upon the content of web pages listed in search results, and not by the keyword query alone. Unlike the manual tagging of URL’s via services like Yahoo’s MyWeb and, Dumbfind’s technology automatically assign tags to pages, which Dumbfind then uses to help users specifically target their search even more.

“When companies advertise on Google, MSN, and Yahoo they try to capture every keyword relevant to their product. On Dumbfind, they can let Adsonomy use tagvertising technology do the work for them,” said Chris Seline, CEO and Founder of Dumbfind. “We are offering Adsonomy free to companies because we understand that it is a new concept and that people will need to try it out to understand how it works.”

A Dumbfind advertiser’s as is displayed when someone does a search relevant to the tags chosen by that advertiser. When a search is performed, the Dumbfind adserver analyzes the tags of the URL’s in search results and then determines the most relevant ads to serve.

Sounds like an interesting way to target advertising and also makes one wonder how relevant robotically tagged sites are when compared to tags made by humans. Along with behavioral targeting, RSS advertising, and content driven programs like AdSense and YPN, Tagvertising may be crazy enough a concept to work – especially beyond Dumbfind and into Yahoo MyWeb search results and Google Bookmark Citations.

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Dumbfind Offering Free Trial for Search Tagvertising

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