Doctors, Please Claim Your Google Places Listing!

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Hey doctors (that includes you dentists too) do you know where your patients’ first impressions are being made? It is not your telephone. It is not your waiting room. Often it isn’t even your website’s homepage.   It is time for you to realize that most of the time your patients’ first impressions are made on Google!

Please take the time to claim your Google Places listings. I am going to show you some examples of what can happen if you don’t. Keep in mind that if you do not take the time to fill out your Google Places listing Google will take what it can from your website to fill in the blanks. Unfortunately, what they find is not always a good thing. Also, Google is allowing people to edit unclaimed listings and people can purposefully hurt your listing. So don’t wait another day! You risk the chance of losing potential clients if you don’t claim and update your Google Places listing.  Don’t believe me?

Here’s what I found searching for a “Sarasota Plastic Surgeon”.

The first surgeon listed has not claimed their listing. Google filled in the blanks. What plastic surgeon, who includes breast augmentation in their services, would honestly utilize a before picture of a woman’s breasts as their main picture? I have to admit, it did get my attention! Just not for the right reason. That poor woman spent a lifetime (and a small fortune) to improve those and now you let Google use her (previous) breasts as your Google Places main image.  At least I put a small black box over her chest.

OK dentists, stop laughing at the plastic surgeons! You need to claim your Google Places listings too.

Look what I found looking for a “Dentist in Houston”

Hands?  No, not just hands, but one is missing part of a finger.  Is this dentist trying to tell me he/she is missing a finger? Was this an in office accident?  I really don’t know, nor do I care.  I just know I won’t be seeing this dentist because I don’t understand the message.

Claiming a Google Places Listing is EASY!

Got to and click on “Maps”. Search for your business and click on it. If you haven’t claimed your listing you will see links above the map; see “Business Owner?” in the image below? You should click on the business owner link and begin the process. Once you have control of your listing you can add the images you want to be displayed and not be at the mercy of Google or those that choose to edit your business and add an images that could hurt your business.

Don’t risk losing potential patients and take control of how you want your first impression to be made by taking control of your Google Places listing.

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  • Linda Buquet

    Jeff you made my day!

    I specialize in Google Places optimization and although I do consulting for all types of industries and advanced places training for other SEOs, my primary market is Dentists, so I’m really happy to see this post.

    The main reason you made my day is, I have a folder for UGLY Dentist Place pages that I’ve been collecting for a blog post soon. And I think this may be the ugliest Dental Place page I’ve ever seen. Tops any I’ve collected so far. It may end up at the top of my post.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • john

    Ahahah nice job, funny google interpretations!

  • Chris Gregory

    One of us should start a website of all the funny Google Places Pictures as an example of what not to do. I’ve pitched a plastic surgeon and his Google Places picture honestly wasn’t much better than your example. Some get it….some don’t.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Kelly

    Great examples!

    What do you think about the number of listings each practice should have? Only one for the clinic or one for each doctor as well? I have been searching high and low for a solid answer about this. Would love your insight!

    I understand from responses to my “Report A Problem” submissions that it is allowable for there to be a listing for the office as well as one for each dentist. But what if the dental office doesn’t want multiple listings because they don’t want to dilute their reviews? Is there a reason why they should have multiple listings?

    How can you then get rid of them once and for all? Or is best to claim and then suspend the listing? Or claimed and delete all together?

  • David Rodecker

    Some things never change… the fact is that business owners have more on their mind than to manage databases, websites and business profile pages. The game hasn’t changed much over the years; in 2006 this same call to action was pointed out by Clickz (