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Disrupting Agency Culture: Unleash The Power Of The Four-Day Workweek

Watch on demand to hear from industry leaders how the four day work week model is shifting agency culture and reimagining success.

Are you ready to shake up your agency’s work structure and discover new productivity solutions?

Are you looking for ways to boost your team’s work-life balance, while driving performance and results?

With the Four-Day Workweek (4DWW) program, it’s actually possible to increase workflow efficiency within your agency without sacrificing employee well-being.

And in this on demand webinar, we’ll help you get started.

Join our panel of industry leaders and experts for a thought-provoking discussion on how the 4DWW model is shifting agency culture and reimagining success… from a team who have all made the move from five-day to four-day weeks.

In this exclusive webinar, discover valuable insights to consider when thinking about transitioning to a four-day workweek.

You’ll learn about:

  • Planning ahead and structuring your workflow: Prepare your agency for a seamless shift to a four-day workweek with comprehensive planning. Explore innovative solutions to boost efficiency and maximize productivity within your agency. Also find ways to trim excess fat in your workflow and reduce time spent on low-ROI tasks – such as limiting recurring meetings, etc.
  • Establishing and communicating boundaries with clients: Learn how to keep even your most demanding clients satisfied while transitioning. Plus, understand how to decide when to disclose your transition, and address client concerns about whether the 4DWW will impact performance, etc.
  • Balancing employee needs for maximum talent retention: Discover strategies for streamlining your workflows to enhance work-life balance for your team, empowering them to flourish with autonomy. Manage billable hours in ways that accommodate varying needs and preferences. Implementing creative solutions to ensure employee satisfaction will help you retain top talent during your transition.

This webinar features a brief presentation, followed by a thought-provoking roundtable discussion, where our presenters exchange ideas and best practices.


  • Jenise Uehara, CEO, Search Engine Journal
  • Elizabeth Harmon, HR / People Ops Manager, Search Engine Journal
  • Joe O’Connor, Director & Co-founder, Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence
  • Tessa Ohlendorf, Managing Director, media.monks
  • Claire Daniels, Chief Executive Officer, Trio Media

As agencies seek new ways to improve efficiency while prioritizing employee well-being, this webinar demonstrates how the 4DWW model can be the ultimate solution.

Watch this webinar and discover how the 4DWW model can be integrated into your agency’s workflow

View the slides:

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Disrupting Agency Culture: Unleash The Power Of The Four-Day Workweek

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Disrupting Agency Culture: Unleash The Power Of The Four-Day Workweek [Webinar]