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dirSpace Directory Review : SEO & Links

dirSpace Directory Review : SEO & Links

dirSpace Directory Review : SEO & Links

The SEO world seems to be fueled by three or four sources; links, content, traffic, reputation and co citation. In some cases, one direction or focus may lead to a higher ranking than the other, in multiple cases, a well balanced approach will lead to higher rankings across the board.

One way of building links and improving the co citation of a site (what clustering or group it is tagged with by engines) is one of the oldest methods in the book, directory listings.

Sure, one of the first steps of any good SEO campaign is to secure a Yahoo listing via payment and then try to get listed in the DMOZ. And then, if the linking & directory budget fits, to expand beyond the two fallbacks to other well received directory sites, such as Best of the Web, and the Microsoft Small Business Directory. Such listings are considered as must haves by many in the business.

The obvious next step would be to expand to second tier directories, such as SevenSeek, WOWdirectory, Alive Directory or Rubber Stamped. After building links in these well regarded destinations, where do you go next?

Sure, I could send you in the direction of, my own directory, or the new V7N Directory, which is looking quite nice. But as a fair & balanced search engine news blog, I thought it would be nice to share a bit of a lesser known gem called dirSpace.

dirSpace was reviewed on the Directories Blog this month and looks to be an up and coming site which is proving to be of value to the pages indexed within.

Here is a bit of the review:

Let’s take a look now at my usual checklist when I submit to paid web directories.

1. Indexed Pages: dirSpace has over 17.000 pages indexed by Google which a sign of very good search engine saturation.

2. PR: Dirspace has a PR6, very good since all directory owners know that it is really hard to get high PR for directories since very few people will link to a directory. PR has passed in the categories nicely as well and most of them if not all have some PR

3. Design: It has a unique design which for me it means that the owner has spend time and effort on this directory and it is not just one of the many directories that many people create now days promote them for a few weeks and then sell them to make a quick buck.

4. Category Structure: Very comprehensive category structure, really nicely done.

5. Traffic: The only way that I can assess traffic is Alexa stats which are quite inaccurate but at least they give me an idea of the traffic. According to Alexa DirSpace has a rank of 36,569 at the time I write this review which is really good.

At priced ranging from $6 – $40 per directory listing editorial review, I’d say that given both its popularity and traffic, dirSpace would be an obvious addition to any web directory linking and submitting list.

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dirSpace Directory Review : SEO & Links

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