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Directories Ranked by Inbound Link Quality

Directories Ranked by Inbound Link Quality

Have a directory submittal budget set aside as part of your site’s SEO and link building campaign but not sure exactly which directories to submit to outside of Yahoo and DMOZ?

After our piece earlier in the week, Directory Listings Still Relevant to SEO, there were some questions floating around on which directories indeed are trusted directories, and which are worth including in your campaign.

Enter Bob Mutch. Just when I was about to dig a bit deeper into this question a new list of directories ranked via inbound link quality was put together by Bob. The list is a good start, as sites linking to directories help to define the quality of that directory, and the traffic you’ll be receiving.

Mr. Mutch’s ranking system is quite interesting, here’s how he put it together:

The directory rating system is called Inbound Link Quality (ILQ).

The basics of this rating system is the values it gives, dmoz, edu and gov inbound links that directories have.

Each link is given 1 point (you get an average of 15 links per submission), each dmoz link is given 30 points, edu links are given 45 points and gov links are given 67 points.

And here is Bob Mutch’s new Top Web Directories Rated by Inbound Link Quality (ILQ).

The list offers some of the obvious choices of and bCentral, but also brings some new directories into the “must link” list including Cannylink and

Although Inbound Links are a good way to judge directory linking quality, it is not however a sound measure of Trust and the editorial process each directory uses.

The list is a good start and earns Bob some more recognition in the SEO and directory community. Bob also has some niche and free directory lists on his site to sift through which may help in your decision making process.

Note: Have some ideas for the ranking process, Bob’s also looking for feedback here on his blog

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Directories Ranked by Inbound Link Quality

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