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Digg Payola Backfires for Social Media Spammer

Muhammad Saleem, the new addition to the Pronet Advertising blog, today made a post exposing how the owner of a site named tried to pay multiple Top 10 Diggers $500 to Digg his site and have it appear on the Digg homepage.


I need a favor. I run a website

Would you get my website to the Digg first page, and if successful I’ll pay $500.

The site is of interest to most Digg users anyhow, it’s just people only listen to top Digg users.

If interested please email back.


Saleem adds that the number one mistake that Alex made was trying to pay the top Digg community members to promote his site : “If you truly believe that the content is of interest to the community, as Mr. Hunter does, then you are much better of either submitting the content yourself, or waiting for someone to submit it naturally.”

Or, you could hire a linkbaiting firm 🙂

In addition to spamming the top users of the Digg community with his request to pay to be Dugg, it seems the owner of was also recently banned from for having 20 artificial accounts which he used to promote his website.

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Digg Payola Backfires for Social Media Spammer

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