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Digg for Sale at $225 Million : Google & Microsoft Entering Bidding War

Michael Arrington loves to get scoops, even when those scoops (er, rumors) don’t actually turn out to become reality, but with ValleyWag breathing down your back, I can’t really blame him.

Enter the latest Digg acquistion rumor. to hit the front page of TechCrunch (which now means every single blog in the world will report on it), Digg is seriously shopping itself to Google and Microsoft.

Could this be the Yahoo Buzz effect? Possibly.

Michael says that a very reputable source has informed him that Digg has been valuated at somewhere between $200 and $225 million (down from what they were worth last year).

Google and Microsoft are both apparently making moves to purchase the social tech and news community, and Arrington believes that the end result may be a bidding war between the two companies.

Update : Digg Rumors are False

From the Digg Blog :

Normally our policy is to not comment about things like this, but this morning’s rumors about a bidding war involving Google and Microsoft have created such a stir we feel compelled to tell you all directly that they are completely inaccurate.

Sorry to burst any drama theories, but they aren’t true. We remain focused on improving Digg and rolling out great features.

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Digg for Sale at $225 Million : Google & Microsoft Entering Bidding War

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