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Did Google Bomb New Directories Online? Look’s That Way!

Did Google Bomb New Directories Online? Look’s That Way!

Did Google Bomb New Directories Online? Look’s That Way!

A few weeks have gone by now and the results from Google’s new update are in. As we take a closer look we see a pattern emerging. It seems as though, older more established directories are being rewarded once again. Many newer directories / Resource Links seem to rank much lower. As we take a closer look at this, we start to notice some rhyme and reason behind all the chaos.

Is This Google’s Way of Getting Rid Of “I link to everything directories”?

What is meant by that is this: As more and more people practice and utilize linking strategies online to build their SE placements, the more and more things start to get out of hand. I mean, is reciprocal linking the next “Link Farm” to get wiped out from Google?

I can’t really see that happening but it’s starting to show signs of this. When you search online these days for listings, companies, resources, etc., we seem to be getting older, more popular “Yellow Directories” than anything showing up on top of specific “service based” searches. I mean let’s face it, yellow directories have been around since “Local Telephone Books” were first invented.

Is Google Implementing A Trust Factor?

I only mention this because since the boom of resource links comes the growth of doorway pages, unethical SEO practices, and especially key stuffed resource pages. There are certain resource directories out there that have stood the test of time and still continue to use sound practices and quality content for their readers.

Don’t Forget Our Loss Of Faith In “DMOZ”!

Lately people seem to be losing faith in DMOZ, the open project directory where human beings get to judge whether or not one company should get a listing above the rest. The problem with this seems to be with the “editors” discretion of not adding the competition to their section of DMOZ. Many individuals who are “editors” at DMOZ are your competitors.

Is Google Also Losing Faith In “DMOZ”?

You may get some interesting answers when you ask yourself the above question since more and more we are seeing a drop in DMOZ activity in searches within Google. It seems as though, Google might also see this negative side to DMOZ. It may not be extremely apparent just yet but I would watch for this and possible changes to the DMOZ operation and editing freedom.

Is Google Bombing Directories Online?

Due to the new shift in resource directories online and people who exchange links, search engine results continuously bring up large useless directories of websites claiming to be relevant to your search. The problem with this is some people use “spam” tactics to stuff their directories with relevant key words in order to get better rankings for their resources. In doing so, it delivers poor quality to visitors who are actually browsing through these resources online.

What Is Google Doing About This?

Like I mentioned above, it seems that Google is taking a profound interest in older, more established directories in order to weave out newer, more content rich directories built to drive more traffic. By doing this, Google can deliver better “local searches” for company listings instead of the growing directory websites popping up at a terminal near you.

How Can You Prosper From This Change?

Go back to your directory listings online. If you don’t have any, this would be a good time to implement a directory listing strategy. Take a good look at your listing and make sure that your listing not only
appeals to your visitors but also has atleast your website link for search engines to crawl through and rank accordingly.

How Will This Help You?

As a norm, a good practice to follow is search for your “desired search engine searches” geared towards your business. Find any related directory that comes up in those searches and list your business. By listing your business in these directories, you will help your company get targeted visitors to your site that are actually looking for your product/service.

Guest Columnist Martin Lemieux is President of Smartads – Affordable Web Solutions & Web Site Marketing
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Did Google Bomb New Directories Online? Look’s That Way!

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