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Dareboost: All-in-one Tool to Manage Your Website Speed

Is your website fast enough? Dareboost allows you to manage your website speed performance in its all-in-one service platform!

This is a sponsored post written by Dareboost. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

Is your website fast enough for Google to index as much of your web pages as possible? Is it quick enough to avoid pogo-sticking issues?

Websites should be fast enough for users with the poorest web connection to have a nice User Experience (UX). Doing so will allow them to discover your content, your services, products, and offers without any frustration.

The very first thing you need to do is to run a website speed test with Dareboost. You’ll get realistic results, as speed tests are conducted with real browsers (Chrome), and with real life bandwidth conditions. You can choose between mobile and desktop contexts, the location from where the test will be performed, and use numerous advanced settings (such as testing your website with the Google Bot User Agent, for example).

Dareboost is way more than just a speed test tool. It’s an all-in-one service to manage your website performance: analysis, monitoring, and benchmarking – all without any installation. Dareboost offers a simple yet powerful environment to fit the needs of any kind of organization. It is fit for SEO managers, web developers, as well as e-commerce managers.

A Complete Report about Website Speed

Your analysis report will aggregate dozens of metrics about your website. Of course, you will find usual data such as load time, page weight, time to first byte, and a waterfall. Dareboost goes way further than others, providing you with metrics directly related to UX. Thanks to video analysis with features such as Start Render, Visually Complete, and Speed Index.

Furthermore, the service helps you to analyze and understand your results, with insights and documentations related to Google’s recommendations or observed averages.

Website Audit with Detailed Optimization Guidelines

The online service also checks more than 100 best practices and common mistakes on your web page, delivering a comprehensive audit about performance, SEO, accessibility, security, and more. Dareboost also detects the technologies used on the web pages, then each of the checkpoints are highly contextualized and include step-by-step guides to help you to improve your website.

You can share the report URL at any time, or even export it as a PDF file. If you’re a professional, a white-label option is also available!

Easy-to-use & Powerful Monitoring Features

With its monitoring features, Dareboost lets you benefit from its powerful speed testing and analysis technology on an automated basis. Your most strategic web pages will be tested every day or every hour, according to your needs. Your dashboard provides amazing graphs to dig in your data and you’ll also get weekly digests directly in your mailbox. You can even set your personal alerts to make sure to be warned immediately if there’s a slowdown or a quality regression on your website.

Compare & Benchmark

Testing is great. Comparing is even better. Not only does Dareboost let you analyze and monitor any web page you want (even your competitor’s website), but it also gives you access to an amazing range of comparison features:

  • Compare your website with your competitor’s
  • Mobile vs Desktop comparison
  • First view vs Repeated View Comparison
  • Custom comparisons using advanced settings (adblock, blacklist, HTTP headers, etc): unlimited use cases!

Monitoring features also come with benchmark capabilities. It allows you to monitor your competitors, and gives you the functionality to create as many groups as you need to analyze your data and to make sure your website is the fastest!

Give It a (Free) Try

Dareboost is used by 30,000+ web professionals across 40 countries. Customers include companies in hyper-competitive digital spaces such as New York Daily News, Homes.com, Ladbrokes Coral, RightMove, Flipkart, and Carrefour, and web agencies and freelancers alike.

Dareboost has a pro plan that can be customized to fit your needs. But you can still benefit from our free version that allows you to generate up to 5 reports per month. Feel free to join now!

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Featured Image: Image by Dareboost. Used with permission.
All screenshots by Dareboost. Used with permission.

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As a single additional second of loading time can bring a 7% loss of income for website owners, Dareboost’s goal ...

Dareboost: All-in-one Tool to Manage Your Website Speed

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