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Cyber Monday : Holiday Turns into Online Shopping Phenomena

After a long extended weekend of football, overeating and hitting the malls, Cyber Monday has descended upon us as another way to get excellent discounts and holiday savings. Cyber Monday symbolizes the beginning of the holiday shopping season online and a quick search across Google,, Yahoo and Live Search shows that merchants are addressing its importance in their search marketing campaigns.

Cyber Monday Invented by

One site which all search engines are driving traffic to, and I’m sure there is plenty of type-in traffic as well, is which is owned by ( redirects to the .com site and is a domain squatter page). of the National Retail Federation, also more or less sponsors the event, invented the holiday and promotes it via public relations and traditional media channels. ranks #1 in Google, and LiveSearch for ‘cyber monday’ and #2 in Yahoo (behind Wikipedia’a Cyber Monday entry, which links out to in its descriptive content above the External Links area.)

According to the Wikipedia entry and ComScore, online shopping on Cyber Monday hit $485 million in 2005 and $608 million in 2006 (up 26% over 2005). As Cyber Monday becomes more of a legit holiday, expect these numbers to climb today as online retailers prepare for the surge of purchases.

Although BusinessWeek’s Robert Hof reported that Cyber Monday was only the 12th most popular online shopping day back in 2005, however, with an estimated $700 million in sales expected today, the ‘holiday’ may even take effect on employee productivity, as keeping a browser window open for shopping or surfing for web deals will be quite popular.

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Cyber Monday : Holiday Turns into Online Shopping Phenomena

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