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Crystal Semantics Launches Textonomy Reveal

Internet content and search company, Crystal Semantics, has come to the rescue of those frustrated by the failure of current search technology.

The launch of Textonomy Reveal offers a unique Internet search engine that will deliver relevant, coherent and accurate results based on the linguistic sense of the words used in a search. Textonomy Reveal offers a completely original “sense engine”.

Exploiting the branches of linguistics that people rely on to handle sense – semantics and stylistics – Textonomy Reveal first matches a search against possible senses in its lexical engine. Once the correct sense has been established this provides a frame of reference within which the search is executed.

According to Ian Saunders, Managing Director of Crystal Semantics, “Relating search results to the search request should be in the remit of the search engine but increasingly it is left to the users to attempt to navigate their route.

“Search engines have attempted to overcome problems of irrelevance and inaccuracy in a purely computational way. Textonomy asserts that this cannot be done.

“These problems can be solved only by harnessing the power of human linguistic intuition, our knowledge of language. Only a linguistically informed sense engine can make sense of searching.”

Textonomy Reveal combines dictionary and encyclopedia definitions with the knowledge inherent in the linguistic intuition of adult users of a language. In addition, the names of thousands of products and organisations that form a crucial part of online searching have also been included.

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Crystal Semantics  Launches Textonomy Reveal

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