Creating Urgency in Your Sales Copy

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Creating Urgency in Your Sales Copy

Humans are apathetic creatures by nature.  We don’t bother to take action unless we’re threatened.  Back when we were wearing pelts and living in caves, a “threat” was a life or death situation – but our evolutionary roots are still there today.  Except instead of saving our young children from a saber-tooth tiger, we’re fending off sales messages that threaten to quickly snatch our cash right out of our wallets.

For online businesses – this is a state of mind we want to engage in our prospects. But the only way to do that with the printed word is to create urgency.  Keep in mind that you have to start with an offer so unbelievably good – your buyer already instinctively wants it before they even reach for their credit card.  No amount of urgency in the world will budge a bad product.

Likewise, saying you have “Only 5 Left” when it’s really a digital product and there’s an unlimited supply – will serve to do more harm than good to your business.  I’ve actually known users who have seemingly bought “the last 5 copies” of a resale rights product so as to minimize their competition.  Imagine their anger and disbelief when they refresh the page hoping to see “0 left” but instead getting the same “Only 5 Left!” message.  Word travels fast on the internet if you don’t back up your words with real action.

Create Urgency with Digital Products

There are several ways to create urgency in sales of digital products without being dishonest.  You can limit the number of bonuses to the first X buyers or limit the timeframe that bonuses will be available.  Remind them of the pain, insecurity or problem they’ll keep facing without your product or service .

Enthusiastic, detailed testimonials can help create urgency too – but subconsciously reminding the buyer of how relieved/happy/secure they’ll feel as a result of ordering.  When someone reads a testimonial that shows concrete (and realistic results) – such as “I was able to lose one dress size within just two weeks – a total of 10 pounds of pure body fat, gone!” your customer can’t help but imagine themselves getting the same results.

Experimenting With Urgency Offers

No matter what you sell, it’s crucial that you test different offers to see which ones people respond best to – and when.  If the offer is only available for the next 24 hours – make certain (or have programming in place) that takes down the page when time is up (and puts up a mailing list form in case people missed out and want to be notified if or when the offer returns!) This way, you’ll stay true to your original promise and create urgency via real scarcity, while bringing through interested leads who waited too long to act on that particular offer.

What Has Worked for You?

What are some ways you’ve added urgency to your copy? What worked, and what didn’t? Share your results in the comments below!


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