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We are all aware, how Google algorithms are evolving, changing the Internet world and replacing old practices of link building i.e. article directories, web directories, paid directories, etc. with link earning methods.

In spite of everything, Google still ranks websites on the basis of links but have changed the way they count the links.


Here are a couple ways that you can get quality links from great sources.

1) Creating Infographics

Creating Infographics is one of the best ways I know of to get quality links. Your infographic should be aimed to provide quality information, as well as be closely related to your business.  It should also have a clearly visible purpose.

In an Interview, Matt Cutts replied on a question: “The infographic may be neat, but if the information it’s based on is simply wrong, then it’s misleading people.” If it is created for getting social shares, links purposes or to spam the internet world then it’ll get slapped.  Google is trying to come up with something to help fight this spam.  Cause it is spam.

A great infographic is typically designed professionally as well as clearly teaches people valuable information.

Actions Required!?

  • Conduct real research to create a quality infographic.
  • Hire a great designer
  • Know what content drives interest for your target audience
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Share insightful data
  • Make it comprehensive and unique
  • Host the infographic on the domain you want people to link to
  • Provide Embed code with your infographic so that one can easily link to.  I personally don’t do this but many SEO professionals recommend it


Building Links with Infographics
The Ultimate Guide to Marketing with Infographics

2) Longer Posts, Actionable Content

Long, actionable and comprehensive posts that bring your expertise are helping people around the online world to actually learn.

Provide readers with meaningful content that pushes them to something actionable. Rather than being a blog post that someone reads and forgets about before sharing it on a social network. Look at your content and check to make sure someone will get value from it.  If they don’t get anything out of it, they’ll never share it or tell their friends about it.  Your post will be dead.

Before publishing your content, think like the expert.  If you’re reading this, will you get value out of it.


Two University professors of Pennsylvania looked at the New York Times and found what kind of content generate most shares and links. They found that long, in-depth posts appear to go viral much more often then shorter posts.


Image Source: SEOmoz

3) Solve Problems and Answer Questions

Really, this should be a no brainer.  If you’re solving peoples problems, and answering peoples questions you’re 100x more likely to get shared socially.

4) Write About Others

Writing for/about will get you links. Let me be clear on that point… gather lists of famous books, authors, celebrities or people you admire – talk about them and link to their sites then ping them. It is a good probability that they will link to that post as a testimonial, as a reference or maybe in their future blog posts.  It’s a cheap shot but it’ll get you killer links if you’re putting up good content about those people.

5) Guest Blog

This is an obvious one that everyone in the SEO world is doing and exhausting.  Don’t overdo it.  It’s a great way to get links but you shouldn’t have this as your number one source for links in the online world.  2013 will be a year of change and I could see guest posting being slapped pretty hard this year.

I would love to have your thoughts in the comments below!


Kumail Hemani
Kumail Hemani is a Senior Digital Marketer in Dubai, UAE based company - Global Business Solutions(Globus) where he is the key incharge for SEO campaigns,... Read Full Bio
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  • Good one Kumail. Yes Infographics with an eye catchy, easy to understand design when properly promoted does help the site get lot of traffic and search engine visibility. It is a tactic that has worked for many. A quality video with viral content can help get lot of relevant and high quality backlinks when optimized and promoted properly.

  • I totally agree that long post have better chance to go viral, unless they are videos! 🙂
    Best Regards!

  • Hi Kumail,

    I think you’re reiterating a lot of what SEOs already know, the up to date ones anyway. The most interesting point you raised was about content length – something I hadn’t heard of before.

    It’s important that SEOs carrying out any research get their stats right. As a marketing graduate I understand the great deal of planning involved with carrying out research properly. It pains me when SEOs looking for quick links add inaccurate noise to search results.

    Thanks for writing anyway. Going to test the article length theory 🙂

  • John

    Long posts are as boring as presidential speeches and a totally waste of time, nothing like going straight to the point.

    • Dear John

      Long Posts dont mean that you keep beating round the bush without coming to the point…

      Long Posts mean something which is comprehensive and all the queries which may arise in the minds of the readers are answered in that post itself… They should not feel the need to search for more info on the same post…

      For the above mentioned reason, I myself personally prefer Long Comprehensive Posts..

  • Some great suggestions Kumail. I have also found quality, news worthy press releases are great for generating links even though that is not be the primary goal. Videos can also be a great source of referral traffic and links, they are simple to create and are often more engaging than text. Finally making sure you have sharing buttons on your content is a must to help that content reach more people and increase it’s link potential.

  • I am new blogger, and cant write more than 150 words I mean very dificult to strech the pharse.
    How do you know if everything is ok on your website, that your content is helping the users?

    • You don’t necessarily need to stretch the phrases. You need quality content to convert the visitors. Every strategy doesn’t work with every website. Conduct your testing by writing combination of posts then check the bounce rate and conversion ratio through Google Analytics.

      Hope that helps.

  • Thanks is paid SEO really work.tell me please.

    • Yes, it does but sometimes it affective negatively. For example: if you bought link from a website that is not relevant with your site or may be appearing with the list of other links – it looks a farm of paid links which is against of Google Guidelines.

  • Kumail Hemani

    Yes, it does but sometimes it affect negatively. For example: if you bought link from a website that is not relevant with your site or may be appearing with the list of other links – it looks a farm of paid links which is against of Google Guidelines.

  • Good post Karan.. Undoubtedly SEO has become Content marketing however one should use top-notch quality and well researched content to get quality links. Using infographics surely has a great impact on the visibility and traffic and employing good content based activities for quality links will help one to improve targeted traffic.