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Cre8asite Forums Up For Sale, Making Forums Sexier

Cre8asite Forums Up For Sale, Making Forums Sexier

Bill Slawski IM’d me today with the news that Cre8asite Forums is going up for sale and in preparation for the big sale, they are making changes to make it a more attractive takeover target for some Venture capitalists and suitors from some of the larger online publishers. Cre8asite Forums will not be the only content oriented forum based network to be acquired this year with being taken over by the Times Company, parent of the New York Times and BlogLines being acquired by Ask Jeeves, who was then bought by Diller’s IAC.

In an effort to make it more hip and sexy, here are some of the changes that we will be implementing (from Bragadocchio Bill):

1. Renaming forums:

Because we are finally folding to the pressure of using a cheap cliche to guide our naming policies, the web site hospital will now be know as “Design Eye for the Ecommerce Guy”

The “CSS, Style, and Positioning” forum will change to “Cascading Style Sheets Make My Head Hurt”

2. More Color – or Orange is the new Black

Because the forum can be a little drab, we are going to change the default color of the fonts in the forum. We are switching over to a nice orange as the default color. You’ll probably agree by looking at this paragraph that it is really the only way to go.

3. Changing Ranks, or It’s a War Out There.

We will be adopting a military ranking system for all members of the forums based upon the number of posts made by members. We will be working out how many posts go with each rank, and then applying them once we come to a final decision.

4. A Reputation System

Reputation systems are the wave of the future. We will be adopting one shortly.

We’ve been struggling with a way of allowing forum members the chance to secretly deliver to each other nice comments that others can review. We’ve finally decided that the eBay Way makes the most sense.

5. More Smilies

We have the standard set, but are taken aback that only the shiny happy oeuvre of smilies is represented in the forums. We are presently commissioning some alternative sets to cover impressionism, cubism (yes – square smilies of the world rejoice!), and pre-raphaelite smilies. There’s just too many alternatives to let these important emotion-indicating-clues be limited to one style.

More on Cre8asite Forums. Oh, Happy April Fools.

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Cre8asite Forums Up For Sale, Making Forums Sexier

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