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Cool Site of the Day Offering Limited Free Submissions

Cool Site of the Day Offering Limited Free Submissions

Just got a ‘blast from the past’ email from the original Cool Site Of The Day saying that they are accepting free submissions again, with a catch. They must have been charging for a bit, but if you’re looking to get a quality link and boost in traffic, take a chance by submitting to one of the Internet’s oldest craze’s.

Here’s the mail :

Great News! Free Submissions are Back at Cool Site of the Day!….but for a limited time.

My staff thinks I’m crazy! What the heck! Maybe I am! If you’ve been waiting to submit your site, now’s the time!

Take advantage of this insane opportunity now before I change my

That’s it! If your site is chosen we will notify you within 10 days and thousands of new visitors will be streaming onto your home page!

I don’t think Mike Corso is crazy, instead I think that his marketing of ControlScan’s Site Certification program is pretty nifty. Instead of paying $27 to submit to CSOTD, web publishers now automatically sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial of ControlScan and if only a hair of those pubishers continue with the CoolScan program and elect to pay, Crazy Mike Corso and his worried staff will be making much more with affiliate referrals than via submittals.

Now that you’ve read this, here’s the Cool Site of the Day Submittal Link.

And does being declared Cool Site of the Day still mean anything in the Web 2.0 world? Perhaps. Here’s an excerpt from a 2004 article on the Cool Site Ripple Effect:

Wendy Shepard of says, “I have been enjoying the ‘echo’ effect of being listed as Cool Site of the Day. Since the mention, has been picked up by various big newsletters and even a radio station today. I am gaining many new members from this great ‘rippling’ effect.”

Doug, Payraise Calculator says, “What I wasn’t prepared for was the ‘copycat’ syndrome that CoolSiteoftheDay provided. I soon wound up on some other ‘cool site of the day’

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Cool Site of the Day Offering Limited Free Submissions

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