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Contextual Search Engine Vurb Receives $8 Million In Funding

Redpoint Ventures has announced they’ve led an $8 million Series A round in Vurb, which has a unique, multi-functional search app in private beta. Vurb organizes information across multiple web apps to help you find what you need without having to sort through a bunch of app windows or browser tabs.

Redpoint describes the potential they see in Vurb:

Vurb’s enormous potential rests on a breakthrough technology that will make searching the Internet smarter, more consistent, and even seamless across desktop and mobile devices. Imagine being able to plan an evening out without having to jump in and out of apps or going back and forth to the search bar to make a restaurant reservation, find movie times, read reviews, and pick a place to meet for drinks afterward—all using the best of breed services or apps, but in one continuous search.

Vurb sets itself apart from today’s search engines by removing the independent silos and creating a more logical search solution. The goal of Vurb is to put an end to the days where your search experience involves typing query into a blank search box, clicking on a result, and then going back and forth until an acceptable solution is located.

Vurb wants to bring back the promise of “surfing the Internet,” and argues that rather than a connected experience, we’re hopping from site to site or app to app, with each service unaware of others.

Vurb laid out their vision for how they want to revolutionize search at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, and consequently took home the Disrupt Cup.

Still in the beta stages, Vurb requires that you join a waiting list to be invited to use the app. With the $8 million in funding, Vurb says they’re going to grow their team, continue to build their product, and get invites out to more people.

What do you think about Vurb trying to eat Google’s lunch when it comes to mobile search? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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Contextual Search Engine Vurb Receives $8 Million In Funding

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