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Very often if you have some issues with Google ranking your site, you should search for problems with your own site (instead of rushing to get as many inlinks as you can). Aaron Wall, for example, has said many times that he managed to get his sites ranked well merely due to on-site optimization.

So checking that your content appeals both to your human visitors and spiders is an essential and This time I’ll be discussing tactics and tools used to make sure search engines treat your pages the way you want them to. They can help you in determining:

  • A search engine sees the page the way you want it to;
  • A search engine is able to crawl your JavaScript and CSS elements (or maybe not if you don’t want it to);
  • A search engine sees your page elements in the correct order (if you, for example, want to make some page elements/links/text prominent, make sure they are the first a search engine sees when entering the page: the higher the page element, the more weight it carries).

So here a few ways you can see your pages with the search engine’s eyes:

  • View your page in a text-mode web browserLynx lets you see the text-only version of the page,
  • Disable JavaScript and CSS in your current browser and check that your site works correctly (make sure you can see everything you want Google to see);
  • Look at the text-only version of Google’s cache of the page (all the text Google saw when it last crawled the page):

text-only version of Google’s cache

  • Take advantage of the Domaintools SEO browser; with it you will see the spider’s version of the page (text, links and alt texts) and its optimization score:

SEO browser

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • Good points, Ann!

    What I would add is that CSS and JavaScript that’s within the Header tag of the page is also indexed, which can have very undesirable results with regards to overall relevance.

    So it’s always a good idea to link to those files externally…

  • Mercy

    Very basic information!!!

  • thank you for all this.. good information

  • Hmm, I’ve never really thought about this before. Thank you, this is very helpful.

  • Good info, thanks for the Domaintools SEO browser very useful.

  • I love the SEO browser. It would be awesome if there was a Firefox extension that did that (if anyone knows of one, let me know!)

  • Kiowa, have you used the SEO for Firefox addon?

  • @ yannis: I do have it, but does it allow you to browse sites as a spider (seeing only text and alt tags)? It’s one of those plugins I have installed but rarely use…but I don’t see a function for spider-view

  • You have a point Ann..^^ it is very important to look good on SEs especially to Google..that way your site gets index easily.

  • Hello
    Me also doing Job as a SEO can you help me and guide me in the field of seo?